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Anthony Jewell with a really nice trout caught on a Mottled Ruby Roe

First cast of the day on a Mottled bead and the new TB-Peggz ... BOOM! Scott Besade

First cast of the day on a Mottled bead and the new TB-Peggz ... BOOM!
Scott Besade



Steelie on the BEAD!  - Clint Wehr

imag116 imag115

These are some nice trout I caught on your products.Thanks TroutBeads!

Doug Draper



Decent Native Steely on an 8mm Orange-

Anthony Mazza


Couldn't have had a better Spring 2012 Steelhead season using TroutBeads on the Salmon River in Idaho- I still have a couple weeks left if my arm holds out.

My wife also did outstanding!
Earl & Millie Sweig
Meridian, ID



Fished your beads for the first time in western NY. Caught 3 Browns, 1 Rainbow and 3 Suckers. Almost all were on Orange Glow, smaller size. I'm hooked! Caught using my 13' 6 - Raven Center Pin and Orvis 3wt.

Matt Bezek


Even from far away it's easy to see the TroutBead in the face of this steelhead. TroutBeads worked great and caught more fish than anything else.

Roy Gray

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Love your products. Just started using them two years ago. Amazing. To the right is my son, Julian. He got this fish on a 10mm Natural Roe with my own little touch to it.

Thank you-
Steve Bowman


I have caught numerous trout, steelhead and salmon on TroutBeads and feel the pegged hook is much easier on the fish. I have been tying an egg loop and using yarn toprotect myself against these new fish Nazis. I heard they are enforcing this upon the Missouri as well as the Bighorn.

For years, I have fished a bare hook with a small corkie above it for steelhead and salmon, which would also fall into this same category. I agree with you that this is BS and bead fishermen of Alaska have proven that it eliminates a lot of deep hooking on the trout.

Thanks again for your reply. I have attached a picture of a nice Idaho steelhead that took a 6mm Ruby RoeTroutBead.

Dan Gray


I have to admit, as a lifelong egg sac dunker, I was very skeptical of your product. After just two trips on two different Lake Ontario tribs, I am sold. I am stroked that I now have a new ethical way to catch both trout and salmon.

Thank you TroutBeads!
Van Rundt-

** The bead in this pic slid up the line while playing the fish. As I have been keeping it at about an inch and a half from the hook. I am aware of some of the unfounded controversy surrounding the legitity of your product and I assure you I use it in a manner which is conductive to fair chase. Thanks again for a great product.


My name is Joe Srouji and I own Angler's Edge Outdoors Guide Service. I fish out of Niagara and Erie County in Upstate NY. Mostly centerpin trips and your product has helped me keep my catches up in all rivers I fish. Especially in areas that are no kill artificial baits only.

imag092  imag091

I was just in Alaska for the first time and went into a shop on the Kenai to get some gear and they recommened using your beads if I wanted to have a successful trip. I took their advice and picked up a couple of packs of 8mm and these are some of the fish I hooked into! TroutBeads rock!

Marc Koenig


Night fishing 3 days after getting my GlowBeadz. Thanks so much!

Alex Gonzalez


This past weekend was a bloodbath! 10mm BD Glow Roe and 10mm BD Ruby Roe was like candy to these big drop back medalheads. I cannot believe how well this product works. Outfishes Globugs and Jensen eggs 10:1! A guide was parked next to me and couldn't coax any with bags. I was just below him and his clients, absolutely cleaning house. THANK YOU!!!!

Christopher Takacs


Havin' fun with TroutBeads-
Simply amazing!   -
Brian C.


This nice male Rainbow hit an 8mm Natural Roe MottledBead on the Salmon River in Pulaski, NY in early October of 2010.
Thanks for a great product.
Ithaca, NY


Here is a picture of a Steelhead my wife, Heidi caught using TroutBeads this past weekend. We were drifting on the Nestucca River in Oregon. Our guide was Nate Cornelius from North Coast Angling

Jim Adcock



I started tying trolling flies with your GlowBeadz
last year and had great success with them throughout the season.

Here is a picture of a couple fish my wife and I caught last season on Lake Michigan. Thank you for providing us
with an outstanding product!


Kirsten & Kyle Jansen


his 15+ lb. male was caught on a 10mm Glow Roe.
Thanks for a great product!

Johnny Rosado


This fish was the only one caught the morning of saturday the 30th. I was using your frosted glow roe in a 8mm size.
I love your products, and your great service.

Thank you

Christopher Mickelsen


5 fish in 2 hours without rebaiting everycast made a believer out of me especially since I didn't see another fish caught! You took my favorite bait single eggs and made them enjoyable to fish.

Thank you for this great product
Nathan Zajac

And a bonus- Future generations already hooked on your product! I think the thumbs up and smile says it all.


I started using TroutBeads this year and I caught this MONSTER fish. Four of us went and all we used were TroutBeads.

These beads ROCK!  Jeffery Hammond