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     At TroutBeads we focus on re-creating the true colors and size of the fish eggs found drifting in your local waters.
We've also developed a large selection of attractor colors to be used for Tube Flies, trolling flies, Spin Glo rigs, and lure building.

     As you view this site and read the How To's and Testimonials, you'll learn that matching TroutBeads to the egg drifting in the rivers is the most effective egg fishing technique ever developed. It's been a tightly guarded secret in many areas. But, all good things eventually come to light.

   Fishing is a process of outwitting your prey with creations that most imitate what fish are feeding on at a specific time of year. Matching exactly what fish are looking for, will magnify your fishing experience during spawns and when fish are seeking only eggs. All the eggs they see are SINGLE... drifting along the bottom of the stream one at a time. NOT in clusters. Salmon, Trout and Steelhead do not spawn in clusters. You will occasionally see two and sometimes three eggs sticking together but the mass majority are singles.

TroutBeads also have the exact same neutral buoyancy as natural fish eggs, which is another reason (besides color) that make this technique so effective. From the East coast to the West coast... Salmon, Trout and Steelhead guides have counted on TroutBeads egg matching colors to maximize catch rates when fish are chasing eggs.
... See you on the water!


New GlowBeadz™ Colors

ALL GlowBeadz™ are
now also available in BloodDots sizes
6mm - 14mm

New TroutBeads®, MottledBeads™ and BloodDots     colors now available!

 ALL beads are now available in 14mm!
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Specifically designed to "fish the bead" !

Trans Pink Pearl # 51

Mango Egg # 52

Peachy King Roe # 50

Milt Roe # 53

Bubblegum Glow # 76

Lemon Glow # 78

Sunburst Glow # 77

Blue Glow # 70

Frosted Glow # 71

Chartreuse Glow # 72

Green Glow # 74

Orange Glow # 75

Pink Glow # 73

     TroutBeads, since the beginning-has been about listening to YOU, the customer and using every resource within the market to create the best product possible. 
     One of the most requested products since the beginning is :glow in the dark" beads in a range in colors and sizes. The challenge though, was to make them glow for hours not minutes. With a two minute charge (of sunlight, a flashlight,etc...) they will glow for up to 8 hours.

     With ever increasing population pressuring our local waters during daylight hours, there is an emerging night fishery (where legal). From coast to coast, one of the most effective products is GlowBeadz™.

     Brown Trout are extremely active night feeders. So besides Salmon, Rainbows and Steelhead, Browns can make for an exciting evening. Even when eggs ared not the fish's primary target, you can peg a bead ahead of a lure or streamer and WHAMO! The light given off by the bead creates an enticing natural flash.

   As always, keep an eye on the website for new stuff and a HUGE thank you to all our customers who have supported us through the years.

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Come in sizes: 12, 10, 8, 6, 4 & 2

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Hook to bead size recommendations

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ALL bead sizes compared to a quarter


Introducing our newest product . . .

Trans Pink

Trans White

Trans Orange

TB Peggz are double ended rubber pegs to hold your bead in place. Two uses per piece gives you 100 peg uses per package. Non abrasive so you don't scratch your leader like a toothpick can.

Pink, Clear and Orange to match the wide array of TroutBead colors.

TB Peggz work with all TroutBeads sizes !

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# 23 - Mandarin Roe

# 29 - Montana Roe

# 44 - Blush Roe

# 55 - Lemon Roe 

# 28 - Hot Cherry Roe

The NEWEST line up of
HOT colors !

My name is Mike and I am a new customer who is very happy!

I recently picked up centerpin fishing along with fishing beads for steelhead this fall. I was able to out fish fresh spawn bags over 5 to 1! The steelhead were inhaling the bead allowing for great hook sets. I am a true TroutBEADliever!

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Thanks for the great Beads!

-Andrew Anderson

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October Steelhead on Anchor Creek-

A group of us go every year and have been using your TroutBeads all over with great success. From steelhead, trout, dollies, Grayling and numerous species of salmon.

-Dan Legning

15lb slab from a Great Lakes Tributary in Ontario, Canada.

-Niel Beattie

My name is Joseph Garcia and I used your TroutBeads and outfished every other bait and lure the guys could think of on the Clearwater River. It was almost not fair when the bead hit the water and the bobber followed it straight down on the cast. Thanks alot for the high quality beads.

Sea run cutthroat caught in Vancouver, BC
Way to Go TroutBeads!

-Beadhead Fred

They even work in North Carolina
Great Product!

Thank you-
Rick Pons

Pictures submitted by Travis De Boar