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Great picture of 3 generations of Peterson 's already teaching the youngest how to fish!
Les Henrickson w/ a beautiful Grayling caught on a 8mm Peach Fuzz TroutBead
Jay Kinley with very nice 18.5 lb. Steelhead caught on the Chilliwack River in B.C.
"Chicago" Tim - flyfishing in the early morning on Upper Russian Lake
Clients of AK Trophy Adventures w/  beautiful Rainbows caught on a Dark Peach TroutBead size 8mm
Jerod Casebeer w/ a Silver salmon caught on Dark Peach TroutBead

Josh & Nicholas Hawthorfne on a nice day of fishing the Bighorn

Dave Demeter with a beautiful Rainbow
Linc Hawthorne with a beautiful Steelhead
Josh Hawthorne w/ an 8 lb. Dolly Varden
Mike Nicholas w/ a nice Silver salmon... look at all those Red spawners in the background
Chuck Booker with a 40 inch King Salmon
CJ Hawthorne with a nice Bighorn Brown
Austin & Lincoln Hawthorne - A beautiful day trout fishing
Jonathan Clark fishing on the Upper Russian
Greg Knab and a beautifully marked Steelhead

Sandy Hawthorne w/ a beautiful Bighorn River trout 

Cool shot of a trout caught on a Peach Fuzz TroutBead

Cheyanne Hawthorne w/ a nice sized Bighorn River Rainbow

Nice pic taken by Brad Kasken

Cameron Hawthorne w/ a nice Brown trout

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Jamey Mitchell with a "hog"

Scott Myers (guided by Chad Betts) with a gorgeous Michigan Steelhead.

Caught this beautiful Ohio steelhead last Saturday! Croastion Sensation -

Nice catch and release Steelhead caught on a 10mm MB-05 (seen dangling from mouth). Salmon River, Altmar, NY in February 2013

Mike C.

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